Welcome to Sex Toys 4 Men

Men love sex. We know this. This knowledge created a whole industry – magazines and videos that feature naked or mostly naked women performing any number of acts on, with, or for men. While magazines and videos are great for male fantasies, they do little to help a man explore his own body. This is something that we have come to encourage in women, to increase sexual awareness, confidence, and satisfaction. We give a male sex toy honourable mention, but we rarely discuss why a man should bother with sex toys. For men, self-exploration is just as important for confidence and satisfaction as it is for a woman.

The sex toy market has opened up to men in new ways, offering everything from maintenance tools to help obtain and maintain an erection to novels ways to enjoy masturbation. Acceptance of men’s sex toys is also on the rise. The stigma once associated with blow up dolls and grip tools is decreasing. I am going to toss it off completely. A man using a realistic vagina is no more objectifying than my use of a jackrabbit shaped like a real penis. These are tools, meant to help us achieve arousal and satisfaction. I want to talk about the most common reasons you may want to try a male sex toy.


Some male sex toys are designed specifically to enhance sexual arousal and sexual performance. One of the most recognizable of these toys, thanks to Austin Powers, is the penis pump. These devices are versatile, and they are a great toy for any man’s sex toy box. If you have trouble achieving an erection, a penis pump can breathe new life into your sex life. Because the penis pump increases blood flow into the shaft, it results in a stiffer, sometimes fuller erection. This makes any activity, from masturbation to intercourse, even more pleasurable.

Cock rings are another enhancement tool, and can be used in conjunction with another male sex toy, or alone. The cock ring limits the blood flow out of the shaft of your cock, helping you keep your erection longer. It can also prolong your performance, so that you do not cum as quickly.


Self-pleasure is the other focus of male sex toys. Cock rings and penis pumps can both enhance masturbation, but some tools are made just for it. Sex dolls are famous, mostly from comedy that pokes fun at the idea of them. They are a great way to explore alone, or as part of a little kinky role-play. Fleshlights, made of a soft, flesh-like material in a flashlight shaped sleeve, is another way to explore pleasures in masturbation.

Anal Pleasure

Anal sex is taboo, however more and more men are coming to appreciate and accept these pleasures. Anal plugs allow you to train the anus, and can enhance masturbation and intercourse. A variety of anal dildos are designed specifically to stimulate the prostate by pressure alone and in conjunction with vibration. These prostate massagers are a wonderful pleasure for you to use alone or with your partner.

The world of male sexual pleasure is diverse, full of wonderful toys waiting for your exploration. I have only touched on what male sex toys have to offer. I will be talking about penis pumps, cock rings, and all the other fun options that you have to explore your own self-enjoyment and appreciate your sexual nature.